Providing Meaningful Humanitarian Service

To heal wounded hearts around the world by connecting individuals and communities through loving acts of handmade service.  

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Stitching Hearts Worldwide (SHW) is an organization striving to connect humanitarian needs with those who wish to volunteer their time and/or money for service.  

SHW facilitates this by providing service events for individuals, groups, or entities wanting to serve, bringing all the necessary materials and equipment to make designated approved items. All finished items are distributed to vetted nonprofit organizations, who distribute the humanitarian aid locally and globally. 

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Krysti Wright




Our History



In 2016 the nonprofit humanitarian group, Stitching Hearts Worldwide's founder, Krysti Wright, wanted to find a way to make her quilting business more charitable.  She reached out to the quilting community around her and quickly found needs to be filled through the Launfal Foundation, Lifting Hands International, The United Way and other charitable organizations.  She contacted her friends and posted on Just Serve to recruit volunteers to help sew, envelope, tie, and bind quilts.  It quickly became apparent that there were many people who wanted to serve, but just didn't know where to start.

Krysti began organizing service events that provide supplies to make items that are desperately needed by the charities she works with. To this date SHW has helped with shipments sent internationally to Somalia, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Guatemala. Stitching Hearts Worldwide has also sent humanitarian supplies to Paradise, CA, Arizona, and more locally to Salt Lake City, UT and multiple locations in Utah Valley.

Stitching Hearts Worldwide applied for and was designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in 2019.  It has a four member board composed of Krysti Wright (executive director), Barbara Kodar (board member), Mark Einerson (board member), and Alicia H. Preece (secretary).  We are excited about the growth and possibility of service we have found to help those around the world.

What We Do



Stitching Hearts Worldwide is a nonprofit organization who provides the equipment and materials for all sized groups to make humanitarian relief items that will be sent to those displaced from their homes because of fire, natural disasters, and political unrest around the world.  

We make tied quilts, plastic bag sleeping mats, pillows, backpacks for school and hygiene kits, baby receiving blankets, newborn nightgowns, dolls/hand puppets, educational games and toys to name a few.  We design new items from donated, re-purposed raw materials to satisfy humanitarian needs. We've learned that many youth, adults and seniors have great desires to serve without the means to do so. We are pleased to provide volunteer opportunities for them all.  

We plan and organize service events providing all the materials, equipment, and onsite training skills needed for everyone to enjoy completing their projects.  We only ask for donations to help us replenish our supplies for future service events.  

We invite those with willing hearts and hands to come volunteer and make a difference one stitch at a time!  

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Bangladesh Rohingya Refugees.
Image used courtesy of Shannon Ashton.

You don't just have to donate money.  We can use your help in many different ways.

Donate your time, talents, and energies.

Thank you for working with us to make a difference for people at home and abroad!

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