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Bangladesh Rohingya Refugees.
Image used courtesy of Shannon Ashton.

Stitching Hearts Worldwide (SHW) is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit government recognized entity as of August 2019!  You can now donate directly to our organization and receive a tax credit.  

We enable everyone to give meaningful service wherever you are.  Your generous donations provide the equipment and materials to make humanitarian relief items that are sent to people displaced from their homes due to fire, natural disasters, and political unrest around the world.  

Your contributions help us replace our relief materials, fund special humanitarian relief projects, and provide service events for those who can not pay.  All donors will receive a EIN # for tax exemption purposes.  

Thank you for working with us to make a difference for people at home and abroad! 

Fill out the form below to donate.  Every donation helps no matter the size.

Monetary Donations

Material Donations

 We accept material donations.  If you have a loved one who has passed on or is no longer able to use their fabric, or you just want to bless someone else's life, we will put it to good use.  We use cotton, flannel, knit , silk, lace, soft minky, felt and costume fabrics.  Please donate clean fabric with no stains. Larger pieces of fabric works best.  Our doll dresses take 1/4yd of cotton fabric so we accept nothing smaller than that.  We don't have time to sift through and discard unusable fabric, so thank you for contacting us first with any questions.   

Contact Krysti for more information: or (801) 669-3998

Donation Drop Off

Donations accepted by appointment only!!

710 N 900 East St, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062, United States

Questions? Call or text Krysti at (801) 669-3998 Email:

Hours open:

Monday - Friday 10am-4pm. Please contact Krysti to schedule a convenient drop off time.  No unscheduled drop offs accepted.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Donate for an Event

Volunteers, groups and hosts who participate at and financially contribute for their events replenish the supplies we use for their activity. Although SHW will hold an event without receiving and funds, your donations will keep us operational so we can make service events available for all who wish to help those in need. Thank you for filling out the information below so we can contact you with more details.

Stitching Hearts Worldwide

Questions? Call or Text Krysti (801) 669-3998