Face Mask Recommendations


Face Mask Classifications and Uses

In recent weeks SHW has received many requests for face masks due to the COVID-19 outbreak and we wanted to pass on guidance we have received:

1. The CDC is asking individuals to start using face coverings when in public.

2. Mask should be a high quality (100% cotton)  quilting fabric or cotton blend.

3. Make sure that the face mask fits snug over the noes, chin and sides of the face.

4. If you do not have elastic consider cutting up a 100% cotton t-shirt and use as ties for your mask.  (Contact us if you need any T-shirts - we have access to some donated ones)

SHW encourages everyone to reach out and make masks for their families and anyone who may need help obtaining a mask.  We have several requests for fabric face masks from Healthcare facilities and others desperate for help. If you have extras we have a great need for them. Please practice COVID-19 safeguards in sewing and delivering any masks. 

We are posting the recommendations from IHC, UHealth, LDS Charities.  You can use fabric and other items from around your home for these masks, or you can contact us for material.

Face Mask Pattern and Instructions

Stitching Hearts is partnering with the IHC, UHealth and Latter-day Saints Charities team to sew medical grade face masks. These masks will be for medical professionals. 

These partners have also distributed a FAQ, Assembly Guide, and Pattern for fabric face masks for home use.  The Assembly Guide starts on page 2 and there is a pattern at the end of the document.

Additional Patterns

This is for a fitted face mask we have been using from CraftPassion.com. There are multiple patterns available at the bottom and a video tutorial.  This also includes Cricut and Silhouette files for cutting the fabric.

CDC Guidelines and Patterns

The CDC has released guidelines and patterns for cloth face coverings. This goes over the care of face masks and 3 different patterns.  There is 1 sewing pattern and 2 no-sew patterns available at the bottom of the CDC page.

Care of Face Masks

General guidelines for cloth face mask use and cleaning:

1.  Wear a mask and seek medical help if you have flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.) 

2. You should also wear a mask when you are near or caring for a person with flu-like symptoms. 

3. Always use a new or properly sterilized mask. 

4. Always combine with proper handwashing and social distancing hygiene practices. 

Face Mask Donations

SHW is donating face masks to various groups.  We are supporting Amber Irwin with her Navajo Nation face mask drive www.SewingForNavajoNation.org  Go to her website to see how you can help her.  Riley Blake Designs have graciously offered us their Warehouse as a drop off point.  *Utah Residents may drop off completed masks to Riley Blake Designs Warehouse anytime Monday - Friday.  Please put masks in a plastic Ziploc bag and drop off in the bin provided by the front door.  Make sure to label bags SHW and write "Navajo" if you wish to help with that project.  Otherwise we will give it to firsthand healthcare responders and those is the gravest danger. Or you may ship your masks directly to Rilley Blake Designs, 9646 S 500 W, Sandy, Utah 84070.  Make sure to indicate these are for SHW.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

**Special Note** Elastic Shortage

Due to high demand for cloth face masks there is an elastic shortage in our area. You can use 100% cotton t-shirt strips to attach to your mask.  Tutorial for making "t-shirt" yarn below.

Fitted Face Mask Tutorial

Official Face Mask Sewing Tutorial with Pocket Filter by Craft Passion.

Pleated Face Mask Tutorial

How to Sew a Bias Tape Surgical Face Mask with Flexible Nose by Sweet Poppy